Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chicago"s Liberal Progressive (socialist) Democrat City Council Hate Guns

I just read this article and you know what? This author has a lot of good sense. You can read it. It's above this post.

Chicago is trying to side step the United States Supreme Court's Decision regarding the citizen's right to keep and bare arms. The liberal progressive democrat (socialist) city council of Chicago does not want to obey the law of our land.

Where is our President from?

Rightfully so the question is brought up, Eric Holder when are you going to tell Chicago to stop it and obey the law. Holder filed a lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law last week. One good federal law deserves another wouldn't you say Holder?

In this case it's federal law # one let illegal immigrants break the law even at the expense of an entire sovereign state to "hope" fully create a large uneducated voter base who does not know how our American government works. Law # two enforce the right to keep and bare arms in Chicago. Law # two will not be enforced is my bet.

Citizens do you know when it is time to insist on your God given right to keep and bare arms? The answer is when your government is uncomfortable with it's citizens exercising their right to keep and bare arms.

The liberal progressive (socialist) democrat wants to take away the ability of the United States citizen which allows them to commit the actual act of becoming a gun owner.

In a Government designed for it's citizens to vote their representatives into office to represent them the citizens so that we may be represented in our government, the Representatives would feel comfortable and a sense of protection in their districts knowing this right is protected by our United States Constitution and upheld by our United States Supreme Court.

Simply put, there would be a lot less government if that same government had more faith in their citizens abilities to be self reliant and good for their own communities. Even in Chicago.

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