Saturday, May 24, 2008

The power of Real Change

Change? This would be a welcome Change. How about obama, and clinton and other democrat leaders of our Nation like jackson and sharpton who say they are the champions of the minorities and the oppressed. Stop blocking the drug testing of welfare recipients so they can get help. I am positive they're are some who would absolutely love the opportunity and the help to get clean. That do not have the discipline to do so. It would enable them to do so in the privacy of their own character. Open doors to them they don't know even exists. This would be change to help a whole culture. Not keep standing on their heads like they are your stool to stand on so you can be noticed. I am talking about, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland....Theese are all democrat controlled cities. DOE'S ANYONE SEE THE PATTERN HERE? You see the Republican Party already tried to do this. But it was stopped by the democrats. You democrats are the only ones who can do this. We tried. You blocked it. So why don't you help your own? That would be real change. I am writing to you, pelosi, ried, obama, clinton, sharpton, jackson, kerry, kennedy, edwards, biden, murtha and all you birds of a feather. America needs SUBSTANCE Not a bunch of rebellious liberal democrats stomping their feet screaming change.

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